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Special Inks

DOKUMENTAL’s product range includes the most various inks for special applications on all kinds of different surfaces.  

TS 4700 T-Shirt Marker Inks, dye-based, non permanent, washable from most textiles, CE (Toys) approved
TS 4800 T-Shirt Marker Inks, pigmented, for dark textiles, cannot be washed out after being fixed by ironing
TS 9600 T-Shirt Marker Inks, pigmented, permanent, cannot be washed out after being fixed by ironing
OP 6900 Overhead Projection Inks, alcohol-based, permanent, with intensive colours
OW 6800 Overhead Projection Inks, water-based,
erasable, with intensive colours
KR 9700 Chalk Marker Inks, water-based, pigmented,
need valve-action markers
PKR 100 Chalk Marker Inks, rain-drop-proof, for outdoor applications
LM 2300 Paint Marker Inks, alcohol-based, pigmented,
need valve-action markers
IF 4302 Ink Followers for Gel and BallPen Inks
FA 2666 Counterfeit Detecting Ink
LF 4200 Erasing Liquids for erasing/changing ER 3100, CC 3200, CC 3300, GT 9301, SP 3504 and FP 1800
LF 4400 Coloured Erasing Liquids to replace the colours of the ER 3100 series.






Shelf Life of Dokumental inks

Please see our new general remarks on the shelf life of inks at the following link: Click here (PDF file) If you have any further questions regarding......


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